About The Author
Rudolph Sebastian Daldin

Rudy Daldin was born and educated in Windsor, Ontario. Married, he is the father of three children now living in Toronto and Rome. After a sales and management career with 3M Canada, he established Cardinal Media Publishing to further his concept of a media-based program of liturgical communication.

He has authored "Illuminated Liturgy" - "Looking Far Ahead" and "Harry's Lament" a millennium-age Canadian novel of North American society and life.

His latest publication is The Last Centurion, a biography of Italian leader Benito Mussolini, 1883 to 1943.

The Last Centurion Ė Volume II - A Political Road to Martydom has been ten years in the making and is intended to communicate to the reader previously little known or unpublished Italian historical military and political facts that are required by anyone hoping to gain a clear understanding of Italyís role in the Second World War and to correctly understand many of the various underlying political principles and motivations that led to the great European and Asian military conflicts of 1939-1945.

You can download an overview of this latest work here.(file size 2MB)
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