The Last Centurion Volume I
Was Mussolini a Man of Political, Economic, and Social Vision?

  • Historians and governments have shaped the way we think of the combatants and leaders of the Second World War. But are these beliefs we have correct?

  • How did Mussolini come to power and is the information that has been provided to you an accurate assessment of the man?

  • Being aware of the harmful and dishonest information that has been propagated by modern media and the damage this has done and is doing to the reputation and legacy of Mussolini and the Italian people, the author has written this concise historical biography of Benito Mussolini and the Italian Nation, spotlighting their mutual histories from the dawn of the twentieth century to 1945.
  • The author has place years of research and passion into this historical biography of Mussolini because like many other historians he believes that there is much more to learn about the man than the last few years of his life.

  • The author has a passion for accuracy and a true sense of history. In his biography of Mussolini he does not take lightly nor dwell on the time period of WWII, but he gives us a view of the man, his passion for his country and his skills as a statesmen. Historians and governments have provided us with the facts of WWII and the media has reported it to the world. These media reports have shaped our judgment of that time period and time has left us with headline thoughts and beliefs, few of us really know the history of Mussolini. The author will take you through the life of Mussolini from his beginnings, his rise to power, his love of his country, and his work in the development of a Nation.

  • The author has dedicated years of research assembling the information provided in this book. However this biography is more then the just years of research work. The author's enthusiasm for the subject has made possible the quality and accuracy of this book. Once you have read the book you will have a different view of the life of Benito Mussolini.
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    The Last Centurion Chapter Review Volume I

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