The Last Centurion Volume III
Legacy Edition
"Traveling The Political Road to Martyrdom" 2000 - 2010

It is intended to communicate to the reader previously little known or unpublished Italian historical military and political facts that are required by anyone hoping to gain a clear understanding of Italyís role in the Second World War and to correctly understand many of the various underlying political principles and motivations that led to the great European and Asian military conflicts of 1939-1945.

It is also a goal of this publication to provide the same reader with important and needed political background information concerned with todayís existing turbulent political state of affairs. These must be seen as the offspring of the European and Asian political results of the military conclusions of WW2.

This ten year journey from Predappio to Rome and finally on to Messegra di Giuliano, Italy, gave the author the very important opportunity to learn about the infamous book of war making instructions then being taught to the world by a brigandish group of sinister, clandestine political and military leaders seen at several cross roads along the way. Fellow pilgrims provided the author with invaluable and accurate information from Europe and the Americas concerned with the matters discussed in the associated documents in this concluding essay. On July 11, 2003, everything changed in world affairs and following this dramatic change I had no doubt that the masks were off all the perpetrators of war making in our world since 1939.

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The Last Centurion Volume III Legacy Edition

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The Last Centurion Vol.III
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